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Fixed Signs

The Zodiac is divided into twelve signs, each with distinct attributes and qualities or modalities. Of these, four are classified as Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius and are characterised by their stability, determination, and resistance to change.

Fixed signs fall in the middle of each season, representing the point where the season is fully established and at its most stable. Their placement in the zodiac cycle reflects their role as the stabilizing force that maintains and sustains energy. These signs are known for their ability to focus, concentrate, and persist, even in the face of obstacles or challenges.

Fixed signs are important contributors to any team or project, bringing a sense of continuity, reliability, and tenacity. Their strong will and determination can be an invaluable asset, as they are often the ones who see projects through to the end and uphold traditions and standards. However, their resistance to change can be a challenge, and they may need to learn to be more flexible and open to new ideas.

Characteristics of the four Fixed Signs

Understanding the concept of the fixed sign and its qualities can provide valuable insights into one's personality and behavior, as well as the dynamics of relationships and interactions with others. This understanding can also be applied in various fields, from personal growth to career development, making astrology a versatile tool for self-understanding and interpersonal relationships.

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