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History and Concept of Dreamwalking

Dreamwalking, also known as dream telepathy or conscious dreaming, refers to the practice of entering someone else's dreams or sharing dreams consciously. Rooted in various indigenous and shamanic traditions, the concept of dreamwalking is found in many cultures around the world, including Native American, Aboriginal Australian, and Siberian shamanic practices. It often involves journeying into the dream world with an intention, whether for guidance, healing, or connecting with others.

Historically, dreamwalking has been a spiritual and mystical practice, with shamans and healers using it as a tool for guidance, insight, and communicating with the spiritual realm. In modern times, dreamwalking has been explored in the context of psychic research, parapsychology, and even in popular culture through various literary and cinematic works.

Aspects of Dreamwalking

Consider the following aspects of Dreamwalking if you are interested in a more in depth study:

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