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Your Horoscope April 2019

Welcome to Mystic Mae's monthly horoscopes, brought to you from the mystic shores of Ireland. These stars are updated every month so don't forget to check back!

Aries March 21 - April 19 It might be a good idea to reconsider your stance on an important issue when you find out new information this month. Adjusting your position will make more sense and ultimately will work in your favour. It is good to take constructive criticism without feeling hard done by as a result. Try not to be offended if a friend seems to question your core beliefs. At the same time you must not hide behind your convictions in an effort to avoid hearing the truth. Lucky number 45.

Taurus April 20 - May 20 Make a resolution for this month alone to attend to things in the proper order and you will find it more efficient and satisfying. If sudden changes come along, take them in your stride and be adaptable. Patience doesn't always come easy to you but it is important to practice it and tie up some loose ends that are surrounding your working life. On a personal level there is some very rewarding news that you will be happy to share with a loved one. Lucky colour green.

Gemini May 21 - June 20 Stop worrying about long-term goals and instead turn your energy and thoughts to meeting your current commitments. It is much more important to stay focused and work steadily on job related responsibilities. You are likely to find a route that enables you to be highly productive while also giving you satisfaction. An excellent time for new beginnings and different paths. Try to devote some time to enjoying a little peace and quiet, and don't be afraid to give ample time to your own personal concerns. Lucky number 22.

Cancer June 21 - July 22 A very good month to tie up as many loose ends as you can. You will get an opportunity to begin to express yourself creatively whilst still keeping your feet on the ground and taking care of the business at hand. Where work is concerned it is very important to demonstrate your reliability rather than your glowing optimism. Although you have a wonderful ability to see the big picture in everything you do, don't be distracted by segments that aren't pressing matters. Lucky colour white.

Leo July 23 - August 22 Take a stance and let others know your limits even if they still don't respond to your needs. Be very clear about your boundaries and hold firm to your integrity especially if they are determined to have things their way. However, there is no point in getting worked up if someone asks you to do something that rubs you the wrong way. That may be the perfect time to turn the other cheek! If someone seems to be making your job more difficult they may simply be trying to see what you're made of. Lucky number 10.

Virgo August 23 - September 22 Do not settle for less than you want this month, even if your persistency gets on people's nerves. Your stubbornness will surprise your friends who are more accustomed to your co-operation, but if that's what it takes... Just make sure you don't get carried away with your sense of power! Pay attention at all times to your responsibilities and wait until there is a clear slot before taking extra time for yourself. Lucky colour purple.

Libra September 23 - October 22 Refining plans for the future seems easy this month and you may see more possibilities and opportunities than before. Hold fast against someone's ambiguity if you are certain that you know what you are doing. Trust your own instincts and don't let anyone persuade you to risk more than is sensible at this time. In a decision about finances or travel you could find that you are your own best advisor for now. Lucky number 35.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21 Life is moving along smoothly for you, but you wish there wasn't so much to do. It doesn't help that some colleagues aren't contributing as much as you would like, so you may have to do a bit of coaxing or pestering. Very important to assess your personal needs now especially in order for relationships to flourish. Family matters are likely to take some extra time this month, possibly because of a wedding or the birth of a child. Lucky colour grey.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 Be aware of your own limits and concentrate more on making steady progress to accomplish your goals than being leader of the pack. It's okay if it takes time for others to recognise your efforts and see the results of your work. Don't be impatient, drawing attention to your achievements won't help your cause and it is much better when appreciation comes of its own volition. Acting spontaneously may not be your smartest idea, check in with your friends to make plans in advance. Lucky number 26.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19 You don't have to tell everyone what you know as it might be better to keep some things to yourself for the moment. You are feeling very sociable so it is a good time to be more involved with others at work. In the case of a new deal or commitment, go over your plans and make sure you leave room to change your mind if you want to pull out at any time. Be careful of an unwise mix of fast words and tender emotions - could make an emerging situation a little volatile. Lucky colour blue.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18 Your current secrecy may be a little unsettling to someone else, but this isn't your problem. Practice discretion and let people deal with their own insecurities, and there is no hurry, you'll know when it's time to disclose what's on your mind. A good time to slow down and relax a little, especially if you feel as if you've been on the go for too long. Take care of the more essential tasks when you have the time and leave the rest for another day. This is a good month to look for bargain holidays too! Lucky number 40.

Pisces February 19 - March 20 Choosing when to share your views and when to remain quiet is an ongoing struggle, but a solution to this may soon present itself. A good month to invest more time and energy in your career and your teamwork, from which you will quickly reap the rewards. Make sure that you have everything in place, because although the pace of life is manageable right now, it won't likely last. Turn up the volume on your level of assertion, even if it means taking a serious stand on behalf of something you want. Lucky colour orange.